We have been taking frequent trips to Disney World recently and knocking back a few dozen bottles of liquid pixie dust while in Orlando adds to the fun. I typically try to grab beers not available in Texas because I can drink the “King of Beers” in my tank top and cut off blue jean […]

With the recent exciting announcement of Budweiser’s latest amazing lager, the golden amber Black Crown, our team of scientists could not wait to break apart this extraordinary brew and make a homebrew version. Earn the title of “The King of Beers” as you create an exact duplicate of the beer that is capturing the hearts […]

Over the past few years, my favorite beers and brewing interests have moved more and more towards the Belgian style … Belgian golden strongs, dubbels, tripels, quads, pales, blonds, lambics, geuze to name a few.  While a lot of these famous breweries have distribution to Texas, many of the most popular beers never make it to this area. […]

Saint Arnold Divine Reserve 11 a Double IPA was released yesterday and if you are like me, you bought dozens of cases, not to drink but to use to make furniture out of the beer filled boxes. I did manage to taste a single bottle from one of the 4,123 cases that were produced from […]

Reviews on Beeradvocate.com list Olde English 800 as “Pretty high quality”, “The best beer/malt liquor on earth” and “Probably the best of the malt liquors.”  So why would Pat Morris, Mayor of San Bernardino choose to ban 40 ounce beers in the city? Morris cites crime as the number one reason for the ban though […]